SOAZAFY Nirina Claudia

Nothing is impossible for him who believes

I am very smiling, sociable, understanding and especially communicative. Saleswoman or assistant could have been a perfect fit for me, but I discovered another job that corresponds to my expectations: community agent.

Living with my grandmother, my mother and my little sister, this job could also have helped us to have a stable enough life. But for the moment, my mother is the sole provider for many reasons. Very curious and studious, I have almost no time to have fun, and this since I was very little. My conscience does not leave me much time to look for a solution to my future.

After graduation, farming and raising poultry fill my days. At least I don’t have to unload truckloads of sand and bricks to pay for my education and school supplies.

To allow us to live normally and to allow me to study, my mother, with the help of my sister, sells vegetables at the market. I also participate, I often accompany them to bring the products of our culture to the markets.

The first obstacle that prevents me from going through with my projects is certainly my fear of the unknown. I am always afraid of failing. My family and friends do their best to support me in my studies, but I have realized that I have to do it on my own to shape my future. I know that I have all the necessary skills to fulfill the role of a community worker. 

I am sharing my story in the hope that it will touch someone who can help me reach this dream that has long seemed out of reach.



WeeklyNb week/ monthPunctualAmount/ month (Ar)Amount/ month (€)Budget for the 3 months (Ar)Budget for the 3 months (€)
Registration fee18 000
Level test6 00024 000672 00018
Tuition fees23 0004132 00033296 00099
Fees and meals25 0004100 00025300 00075
Budget256 00064768 000192


Clothing (1st month)Bag (2nd month)Decoration (3rd month)Admin monitoring & evaluationBudget for the 3 months (Ar)Budget for the 3 months (€)
Education100 000100 000100 000
Material50 00050 00050 000
Participation Fees20 000
Location22 50022 500
Budget172 500172 500170 00085 000600 000150


MonthlyNb of monthsAnnual amount (Ar)Annual amount (€)
Registration fee70 00017,5
Tuition fees40 00012480 000120
Budget550 000137,5
The program chosen by the girls
1st quarter

Perform in English or French :

192€ / 768000 Ar

2nd quarter

Learn to sew and decorate the interior

150€ / 600000 Ar

3rd quarter

Pursue higher education

136€ / 550000 Ar