The die is cast, I will give it my all

I am Harinirina and my parents are farmers. Very early, I had to start helping them with the daily expenses of the house. When I was younger, I was among the best in my class. But one day, lightning fell on me (literally) and I lost my memory abilities. To get to school I had to walk endless miles while the other students could afford to take the bus. Then one day, my parents didn’t have enough money to keep me in school, especially since I still had 2 brothers and 1 sister. I wanted to give up so many times, but these ordeals made me more mature than other young people of my age.

I fought to continue my studies. I am now in my 3rd year of management and I hope to become an accountant in the coming years. My problem? I can’t make ends meet at the end of each month. To continue my studies in better conditions, I have to pay for the 13 books that my school gives me every year. The people around me do not help me despite my efforts. Sometimes I am put down by my classmates.

Apart from my studies in management, I am aware that I need to master the French language and computer skills if I want to work for a bank one day. That’s why I decided to join UCY: I want to grow up in a community of young people who want to share their skills to move forward together and live life to the fullest.



WeeklyNb week/ monthPunctualAmount/ month (Ar)Amount/ month (€)Budget for the 3 months (Ar)Budget for the 3 months (€)
Registration fee18 000
Level test6 00024 000672 00018
Tuition fees23 0004132 00033296 00099
Fees and meals25 0004100 00025300 00075
Budget256 00064768 000192


Clothing (1st month)Bag (2nd month)Decoration (3rd month)Admin monitoring & evaluationBudget for the 3 months (Ar)Budget for the 3 months (€)
Education100 000100 000100 000
Material50 00050 00050 000
Participation Fees20 000
Location22 50022 500
Budget172 500172 500170 00085 000600 000150


MonthlyNb of monthsAnnual amount (Ar)Annual amount (€)
Registration fee70 00017,5
Tuition fees40 00012480 000120
Budget550 000137,5
The program chosen by the girls
1st quarter

Perform in English or French :

192€ / 768000 Ar

2nd quarter

Learn to sew and decorate the interior

150€ / 600000 Ar

3rd quarter

Pursue higher education

136€ / 550000 Ar