First studies, then entrepreneurship

My name is Tanjonirina. People often say that I am a sentimental person. I think this is due to the death of my little brother when I was in fifth grade. To channel my feelings, I dance and do martial arts… My parents are carpenters. They work day and night to support us. I have one brother and two sisters. I am the oldest. My parents could not afford to send me to prestigious schools. So they enrolled me in public school. From the 6th grade on, I started to get by and find odd jobs during the vacations. I sold handmade door handles (cremones).

In this way, I managed to pay for my high school years myself… I became aware of my ability to face challenges and to manage even in difficult times, so I would like to become an entrepreneur one day by taking over and developing my parents’ small business.

Today, giving myself a better future and helping my family are on my list of goals to achieve. My parents need a good manager. This is a secure and practical framework for me to start my entrepreneurial adventure. For this, I need to study management for at least three years. I know that this will not be easy, but I am ready to put my hands to work. To tell the truth, I am not sure where to start and it is clear that it will be difficult to do it without any help. Also, selling cremains is convenient, but it doesn’t pay enough to invest in my graduate studies. I really want to meet people who will help me but also guide me to find good internships to gain experience, finish my studies and advise me along the way.



WeeklyNb week/ monthPunctualAmount/ month (Ar)Amount/ month (€)Budget for the 3 months (Ar)Budget for the 3 months (€)
Registration fee18 000
Level test6 00024 000672 00018
Tuition fees23 0004132 00033296 00099
Fees and meals25 0004100 00025300 00075
Budget256 00064768 000192


Motorcycle (1st month)Car (2nd month)Electricity (3rd month)Admin monitoring & evaluationBudget for the 3 months (Ar)Budget for the 3 months (€)
Schooling100 000155 000157 000
Right to examine10 00010 000
Participation fees20 00020 000
Permits43 000
Budget130 000228 000157 00085 000600 000150


MonthlyNumber of monthsAnnual amount (Ar)Annual amount (€)
Registration fee70 00017,5
Tuition fees40 00012480 000120
Budget550 000137,5
The program chosen by the boys
1st Quarter

Perform in English or French:

192€ / 768000 Ar

2nd Quarter

Getting your driver’s license

150€ / 600000 Ar

3rd Quarter

Pursue higher education

136€ / 550000 Ar