RAHARINIRINA Rinasoa Adeline

Everything is possible for “the one” who believes

My name is Rina and I am 17 years old. I like to play soccer, which is not very common for a girl. In my free time, I dance and draw.

Despite the storms of life, I always smile. I am also a sociable person. It is easy for me to get along with others.

But, one of my faults is that I tend to compare my life with others. I still have to work on this because I am not proud of it myself.

My parents have recently divorced, which complicates the situation at home a bit. My mother is a farmer and my father is a bricklayer.

My childhood was not very stable. I remember that we changed houses very frequently. From the age of 8, I had to work to pay for my schooling: working in a quarry, being a saleswoman and waitress.

I am a studious person and I stood out in school because of my ability to assimilate what I was learning. However, after graduation, my life completely changed. The odd jobs I was doing before were no longer enough to pay for my university studies. So I spend most of my time at home.

Today, I am confused and I am starting to doubt myself and my dreams. I feel that I am not going to make it on my own. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me, advise me so that I can move forward and pursue my wish to finish my education.



WeeklyNb week/ monthPunctualAmount/ month (Ar)Amount/ month (€)Budget for the 3 months (Ar)Budget for the 3 months (€)
Registration fee18 000
Level test6 00024 000672 00018
Tuition fees23 0004132 00033296 00099
Fees and meals25 0004100 00025300 00075
Budget256 00064768 000192


Clothing (1st month)Bag (2nd month)Decoration (3rd month)Admin monitoring & evaluationBudget for the 3 months (Ar)Budget for the 3 months (€)
Education100 000100 000100 000
Material50 00050 00050 000
Participation Fees20 000
Location22 50022 500
Budget172 500172 500170 00085 000600 000150


MonthlyNb of monthsAnnual amount (Ar)Annual amount (€)
Registration fee70 00017,5
Tuition fees40 00012480 000120
Budget550 000137,5
The program chosen by the girls
1st quarter

Perform in English or French :

192€ / 768000 Ar

2nd quarter

Learn to sew and decorate the interior

150€ / 600000 Ar

3rd quarter

Pursue higher education

136€ / 550000 Ar