Creativity as a profession

My name is Aina, and I want to share my story with you. Since I was a little girl, I love singing and cooking. It was always thought that I would go into one or the other of these passions, but finally, I discovered a new goal, that of creating my own business. If I had to be honest with myself, I have to say that today I feel a little lost. I come from a family of 9 brothers and sisters. Among the 9, we are only 2 to have had the baccalaureate.

My father having recently passed away, my mother is the only one left to take care of us. You can surely understand the difficulty of raising 9 children alone. I really want to continue my studies, but due to a lack of means, I can’t do anything else but choose a course of study that I can afford. So, I recently started taking computer courses.

Remember the business I wanted to start? I thought, why not a cybercafé. However, I still need to take business classes and strengthen my computer skills to run my business properly. However, I am afraid. I am even terrified of failing. I want to remain very clear in the realization of this project: I am not able to finance myself today. So I welcome all forms of help with open arms. I am completely open to advice, financial help but also materials and anything that could help me to move forward to give shape to my dream.



WeeklyNb week/ monthPunctualAmount/ month (Ar)Amount/ month (€)Budget for the 3 months (Ar)Budget for the 3 months (€)
Registration fee18 000
Level test6 00024 000672 00018
Tuition fees23 0004132 00033296 00099
Fees and meals25 0004100 00025300 00075
Budget256 00064768 000192


Clothing (1st month)Bag (2nd month)Decoration (3rd month)Admin monitoring & evaluationBudget for the 3 months (Ar)Budget for the 3 months (€)
Education100 000100 000100 000
Material50 00050 00050 000
Participation Fees20 000
Location22 50022 500
Budget172 500172 500170 00085 000600 000150


MonthlyNb of monthsAnnual amount (Ar)Annual amount (€)
Registration fee70 00017,5
Tuition fees40 00012480 000120
Budget550 000137,5
The program chosen by the girls
1st quarter

Perform in English or French :

192€ / 768000 Ar

2nd quarter

Learn to sew and decorate the interior

150€ / 600000 Ar

3rd quarter

Pursue higher education

136€ / 550000 Ar